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NEWS! The trilogy "circular walks in Skåne"consists of:

"rundvandringar norra Skåne" , "rundvandringar mitt Skåne" and "rundvandringar Skånes kust"

are now available as e-books (pdf in Swedish) at following outlets Adlibris and Bokus



red=norra Skåne, yellow=mitt Skåne och blue=Skånes kust


Sample from our latest guidebook

"rundvandringar mitt Skåne"






  • norra Skåne

    E-book, ”rundvandringar norra Skåne” is the last in the trilogy "rundvandringar i Skåne". The guidebook contains 30 circular walks in the north of The province Skåne, in total 343 km paths in variable lenght and degree of difficulty. Three of the walks are new; the others are picked from earleri titles ”rofyllda platser”, ”Skåneleden”, ”Söderåsen”, "tågburna” and ”evighetsträd”. All the walks are reworked, updated and improved.

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